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Mrs. Jackson began working in the late 1940s in the factory making clothing.  As with most women, her family was solely living on her husband’s income.  However, after her child was injured she felt the need for additional income to pay for the extensive medical expenses.  Her advocacy in her shop began in serving as the assistant to the shop steward.  In that capacity, Mrs. Jackson would share the load in hearing grievances from shop workers, until she was selected shop steward by her peers.  In 1971, Mrs. Jackson completed her degree in Labor Education at Roosevelt University and was elected to the staff of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

For 12 years Jackson served as president of the Chicago chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union for Women.  In 1989 the Chicago Federation of Labor named Jackson it’s Labor Woman of the year for her over 40 years of service to the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union.


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Leontyne Price Birthday

1989 – Ron Brown was chosen to be the 1st Black chairman of the Democratic Party

1971 – Bill White becomes the 1st Black baseball announcers for the NY Yankees

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