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Today we are elated to honor former AFGE President John Sturdivant!

In 1988, John Sturdivant became the first African-American National President of the American Federation of Government Employees. According to the official AFGE history book, AFGE: Then & Now.

Sturdivants’s first challenge was to fend off an orchestrated attack by independent unions to pick off weakened AFGE locals one at a time. His leadership restored the union’s financial health and repaired a public image weakened by talk, before he was elected, of insolvency.

 In 1990, Sturdivant consolidated the number and size of AFGE districts, creating a new model of organization of which we still benefit from today. Sturdivant also innovated new approaches to labor-mangement partnerships and encouraged participation,  strategic planning, and education on behalf of the union and it’s members.

In 1997, President Sturdivant died in office. The legacy he left behind was one of growth and revitalization for AFGE, having placed to the union on the road towards a stronger future. On February 12, 2003, the AFGE national headquarters building in Washington, DC was dedicated in his honor, being renamed the Roy L. Sims / John N. Sturdivant building.

We thank and appreciate President Sturdivant for his hard work and dedication, while being a trailblazer within the union.


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