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For the conclusion of AFGE Week, we are proud to honor the late, great, Andrea E. Brooks.

From AFGE.org:

Brooks began her government career at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, Indiana, rising through the ranks of AFGE while working at the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Brooks saw the necessary role of the union from the start. After training several men at the DVA who went on to become her supervisors, she decided to become a steward with her AFGE Local to clear up “what’s wrong with this picture.”

Brooks was soon Chief Steward, then Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Vice President and then President for ten year of AFGE Local 490 at the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Los Angeles, California.

Other AFGE credentials include serving as Vice President of the AFGE National VA Council and 12th District National Women’s Coordinator. In 1986, she accepted the position of National Representative for the 12th District. Following her role as a National Representative, Brooks was elected and served six years as AFGE’s 12th District National Vice President, representing Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada.

In the year 2000, Brooks was elected National Vice President of AFGE’s Women’s and Fair Practices where she served until her passing in 2009. We express gratitude to Ms.Brooks for her lifelong dedication to the labor movement, and for the mark she has left on this union.


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